GeometrizeTwitterBot  1.0
Python Twitter bot for geometrizing images into geometric primitives
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Here are the packages with brief descriptions (if available):
oNbotModule that sets up the Geometrize Twitter bot
oNconfigModule containing secret Twitter API keys and bot configuration info
oNdependency_locatorModule with functionality for locating the Geometrize executable and other dependencies
oNgeometrizeModule that interfaces with the Geometrize executable, composing and executing scripts on it to geometrize images
oNgeometrize_botModule that encapsulates the Geometrize bot class, which sets up a connection to the Twitter streaming API when instantiated
oNgeometrize_stream_listenerModule containing the Geometrize bot stream listener, which triggers various callbacks when Twitter API events occur
oNimage_console_printerThis module contains code that converts image data to formats suitable for printing to console
oNlaunch_textModule containing code for printing pretty launch ASCII art text
oNon_status_eventModule containing the code that the bot runs when it receives a status event
oNscript_wranglerThis module contains code that manipulates ChaiScript template scripts before they can be executed by Geometrize
\Ntweet_parserThis module contains code that reads tweet text and figures out how the bot should do in response